” She looks like this, ” my mother said, thrusting a picture of a woman in front of me. I refused to look at it.

” I want to find my own wife,” I said with resolution and looked away.

” You are a thirty-year old man, I want grandchildren. I’m getting older, I want to see them while I still have the energy to run about with your kids, this is..,”

” You already have three, ” I said cutting her short and reminded her that I always treat Laura’s children like my own.

” You cannot borrow your sister’s children, ” she subsequently went into her room with her teary eyes.

It was two am and I decided to take a walk to think things over. It was cold outside and there was complete darkness; the streets were sleeping. But it was fine for me. It gave me a perfect silence to reconsider and contemplate my mother’s wish. For some reason, relationships frightened me. I just could never try to ask a woman for a date. All my friends attempted to match me with women and ended it all in disaster.

Suddenly, a feeling of loneliness came over me that I had never felt before. Yes, I was growing older and older and yes, it would become harder for me to find a wife. I was going to die alone and unloved. Yet, the idea of marrying someone that I had never even met before was scary. What would be her expectations? Was she marrying me out of despair? Was she a woman whose heart had been broken and made her felt hardened towards men? 

But then, another thought came in. ” Why not? ” I asked myself. It would be a real adventure. She could not be that bad, my mother would checked her out as she loved me the most and I was sure that she would have been fussy. The street lit up and I stormed back quickly towards my block. I opened the door and went inside my mum’s room. I knew my mother would still be awake. 

” Okay, ” I sighed.

” Okay what? ” She straightened herself up and meeting me with eyes as weary as mine.

” I’ll marry her, ” I looked at her lips, stretching into a smile.

” Without even looking at her face? ”

” You have seen her, that’s already enough for me, let it be a mystery, ”

She got out of her bed and searched for her phone. I asked her why.

” Too excited to sleep, I’m going to call the girl’s mother and inform her the good news!” she said with her happy face, clutching her phone with both hands.

” At three am in the morning? ” I asked in incredulity. 

” Why am I the only one who has a sleepless night? ” she winked at me and waited impatiently for an answer.

There she was, standing in front of me with her white gown. My soon to be wife. At that moment, I remembered my words and whispered to myself,

” What a great mystery, ” 

Thanks readers, tell me your thoughts about this fiction story written by me, have a good day!


10 thoughts on “Mystery

    1. Thank you! ❤ In the ending, it's a little ambiguous. I leave my readers to guess what's happening after, as I will continue the story. I'll be writing more fiction stories, stay in touch! xx 🙂 Thanks for dropping by

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