7 Perks On Running Solo

Dear runners from all around the world, do you prefer running alone or running with your buddies?

Based on my experience, I always prefer running solo since I was thirteen until today. Why is that? 

The perks of it keep me going.

I will make it simple —

1. No distraction.

Or no talking while running. It makes things more difficult when you have to respond your partner and at the same time, trying to breathe in and out the air. As a result, it will make you tired easily. Unless they just focus on running like you do–then, that’s definitely not a problem at all.

Better place to converse? I would accept at a coffee shop and let’s not playing our phones, shall we?

2. Competing with yourself.  

You only focus on yourself. You want to get better than the yesterday’s run. Don’t bother to look at other runners who look at you as their competition. You will achieve your goals without doubt as you put full concentration on yourself.

Always remember this; don’t try so hard just to be like someone else or attempting to defeat them. The only person you need to compete with is you, and do yourself a favour; be better in everything just for you–not for someone else ( and I’m not only talking about running here). When you see your friend as your competition, you will lose yourself completely in the end.

Take running as an example, running is my passion and hobby. I run because I love it; it makes me healthy and happy. It’s part of my life. So why should I stop running just because all of my friends go to the gym?

3. Always your decision.

You are the boss. You can stop anywhere and start again anytime. It’s your road, it’s your race. You always know which part you need to get better at than yesterday. You know yourself.

4. Safe.

You will becoming more cautious and aware of your surroundings as no one is going to protect you other than yourself. In addition, you would learn to overcome any expected obstacle on the road particularly.

5. Connect with nature.

I get to stop from running for a minute to enjoy my view anywhere, anytime without explaining why to anyone. I have run the same routes for dozens of times and I always see something new and interesting each time around me.

Especially the nature, which motivates me to get out of the house and break away from the reality for a moment. When I look at the beauty of nature such as the trees, sunset and sunrise; it connects with my mind–that somehow helps me getting rid of the negative thoughts about the world today and about my life, now I start to appreciate little things in life more by the reason of that. Mind you, I do have a deep soul ( and laughing at it! ).

I speak from my heart now, nature is beautiful. Once you love them, you just always want to be out there and you will start seeing life in a different and better way.


6. You don’t have to be great to start.

When you’re on your own, you can run anytime you want; no matter what the situation is or what you feel, simply because–you just love running alone.

7. Lastly, you discover more about yourself.

I never thought running would be my daily routine. I didn’t know that I could just go for a run without a second thought. I love myself more now and the fact that I am more confident today than I was before is something spectacular! 

I never knew that just by going out there and being with the nature could make me feel slightly better. I never thought that I could actually run further and faster as I always gave up in the beginning of my running journey. I am happy to know that I can achieve small triumph  like this which makes me believe in myself more and more everyday. And today, I just realised that I only have one running shoes. I guess, I just found myself a loyal running partner!

There you have it! I’m reminding again, these perks are based on my experience as a solo runner. Of course–there are cons of not having a running buddy. However today, let’s just focus on the positive side. To any runner behind the computer, I welcome you share any thoughts or idea similar to this concept freely. Everyone is welcome, anyway!

Thank you, have a run today!


12 thoughts on “7 Perks On Running Solo

  1. Well, you just inspired me to go running, which I haven’t done regularly in quite some time. Hopefully I can make a habit of it. You have a very healthy attitude about life, and apparently running has had much to do with that. As someone who suffers from a great deal of anxiety, I know it’s important for me to be more active than I’ve been for far too long. Thank you for the motivation!

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