13 Reasons Why


I have recently watched a movie series called 13 Reasons Why. I spent two days to finish all the episodes and I decided to make a post about it now, right after I finished watching it. The movie came out on the 31st Of March 2017 and yes, I am a little too late but I really do feel I need to write about this movie while listening to The Night We Met by Lord Huron which is the soundtrack of 13 Reasons Why, my favourite song now in fact.

Newcomer Katherine Langford plays the role of Hannah, a young woman who takes her own life. Two weeks after her tragic death, a classmate named Clay finds a mysterious box on his porch. Inside the box are recordings made by Hannah — on whom Clay had a crush — in which she explains the 13 reasons why she chose to commit suicide. If Clay decides to listen to the recordings, he will find out if and how he made the list. This intricate and heart-wrenching tale is told through Clay and Hannah’s dual narratives.

The last couple of weeks, the title was everywhere–on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And there were people on Twitter saying not to watch it especially for those people ( teenagers specifically ) who’s having a hard time or having any bad intention to hurt themselves. As it already made me cry in the first episode! And on most of the episodes too. This movie tells everything the truth that’s going on with our generation today. It’s a sad thing to admit that it’s true and after watching it, I see life in a strange way.

Suicide is a subject that people shouldn’t be talking about, but it still happens everywhere–so it is a subject we need to talk about.

This post is more about like lessons which we all need to learn and remember that I received from this movie which in fact, reflected my life and I do feel responsible to share these lessons for everyone.

And you guessed it, there are 13 :

  1. Suicide is not an option.
  2. Stuff happens in life, good or bad.
  3. Everything is temporary in life. Nothing is permanent. Once you understand this, you will start to appreciate little things around you.
  4. Keep moving on.
  5. Everyone has a problem. We don’t know what’s going on with someone’s life everyday. We find and do fun to forget things, feelings, drama and everything in life. We thought having fun was going to help us or an answer for everything. Do you know what happiness feels like? It’s when you feel comfort, complacency and contentment in your life. That is happiness. Not parties.
  6. People come and go.
  7. Life is not complicated. People are. Feelings, money, things and you. Me.
  8. Love yourself.
  9. You don’t have to be like everybody–it’s not compulsory. You can be different, good different. And embrace it. Embrace your quirks. Embrace yourself. Be different.
  10. Remember, there are so much greater things ahead of you. So just keep walking.
  11. People will still judge you no matter what but you shouldn’t care about it. Their opinions about you don’t matter, what really matters is yours.
  12. If no one listens to you or you think that nobody actually cares about you, it’s okay. It’s your mind, playing with you because people do care. We all are just preoccupied with everything until we slipped and neglected other important things. After all, we are all human.
  13. And lastly, stay alive.

I am a teenager myself who’s struggling about certain things, we all do aren’t we? No matter how young or old you are. Thinking of going away is always running on our mind. That we want to stop life because it’s too much sometimes. We all have gone through a lot. But look at you today, you’re still here reading my blog after everything that you’ve been through before, which is something to be proud of. And at the end of the day, as I mentioned earlier; it’s our mind that’s playing with us. It’s controllable, I promise you that.

To anyone who’s reading this, you might be a stranger to me behind your computer or any kind of devices you’re using now. Or perhaps you’re just a friend or you might be someone who’s very close to me–you matter to me. I’m here for you.

Thanks, have an amazing day!


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