Happy Eid Mubarak!


A portrait of my other nephew taken on last year’s Raya Celebration; wearing a traditional Cara Melayu outfit, brightly coloured in red and posing adorably with his father behind him.  His name is Aidil, Which is similar to Eid Mubarak when translated in Malay; Aidil Fitri. I’m not certain why my brother named him that but, it really caught my attention when I heard the name at first as it is unique and rare!


Happy Eid Mubarak to all of you! Especially to all my muslim friends and readers who have the special opportunity to celebrate it again this year. Enjoy every moment of it!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a new Baju Kurong as I couldn’t find the one I wanted! I guess–I’m going to scavenge for the others in my packed cabinet, how convenient to start the month…

P/S: Stay in touch to learn more and the deepest knowledge of celebrating Raya in my country, Brunei. I’ll be on my computer in the next three days, you surely don’t want to miss out my next blogs. You’d probably get to know all my cousins’ faces! ( joke–as I have too many of them ).


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