GREAT NEWS: Runnad Is On Youtube!

Welcome back to my blog or to those who are new here, also welcome to you–take your time, relax and enjoy your read because you’re about to enter your whole new world!

I’m finally back and better ( as I’m bringing you the super great news ) from celebrating Eid Mubarak for three days, which I will write a blog regarding that subject later. Let’s get to the point and not wasting your precious time, shall we? As you can see from the title above, yes–I’m the next victim on the world’s famous system called Youtube! Wohooooooooo!! Bloody exciting!

runnad youtube

On the side note; I’ve just uploaded my first plain video on my channel (
click me ).

Here are some of my to-do list for my Youtube:

  1. Sports Talk & Workout Videos.

I want to inspire people to be healthy as it’s my personal intention since I first started running; not desiring to have a perfect body figure ( no such thing ) or whatever useless reasons that are still exist–you name it ( I’ll be discussing about this on my next video ). In addition, seeing results from you by supporting and following my exercise tips/videos will motivate me to continue and it will be a huge accomplishment for me ( little things like that are happiness! ).

Videos of easy, better, the proper workouts at home and at the gym will be included–that’s one. Two? Combat fitness videos. Three? Stay in touch as I’ll be showing you a different of ( fun ) exercise: flexibility, aerobic, strength, balance types of exercise… Oh wait–that’s everything!

Also, free workout programs that you should participate in as well as workout competitions. ( amazing isn’t it? )

Tips, hacks, tricks, gym tips for beginners, pros and cons of a specific exercise and all knowledge that I’ve been studying in different exercises will be finally revealed and shared with you--how convenient your life will be…

Set a goal with me now. Be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy and create a balanced life soon. How? Easy, watch my next videos and stay by my side.

2. How to…

Keep your phone and keys while running without armbands, make a WordPress blog in less than 20 minutes, improve your photography skill, how to play guitar without having the knowledge of the music notes, plan simpler and better on your next vacation , how to get over with your ex ( see.. what a gripping education! ), speak and learn different language, how to self defence and a lot more…

3. Travel Vlogs.

I have the feeling of sharing with you the ups and downs journey that I experienced while travelling. I was in Dubai last May–let me share with you how I ended up meeting the new companion of my life!

4. Competitions.

Photography, video competition, workout, writing…

5. Random Videos.

Video FAQS, video tour, responding to another video, reviews, tutorial video, timelapse videos, personal, interviewing people, love life videos, challenge and prank videos, singing videos, running to the beach videos or to anywhere else…

Wow, you’re still reading. Thank you, I appreciate that!

…and you’ve come to the end of this blog.

You will find my videos educational, enjoyable and beneficial to you. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me and I am highly keen to share it with all of you!

Let me know what you think of this idea, thank you readers!

P/S: You know what I’m going to say, subscribe to my channel ( I guess, that’s how it works.. ) and have a lovely day.


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