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I normally run to Tarindak Beach after work, which is about five kilometres from my place that always makes me feel better after watching the sunset, the beach and the calm ocean. And only this day, I regret going. This picture taken with my phone that couldn’t focus anymore–I wish I could just upload a better picture and let it tells the story! I had to make it black and white as it is more visible to observe.

It’s a dead fish. A huge fish. I tried to get as close as I could but flies were everywhere and the smell–well, the smell of a dead animal. I zoomed in my camera instead of moving nearer to it.

I was confused about how this unfortunate fish got this far from the shore. And you could see the bones were presented out as if it was being eaten–perhaps, it was.

That day, my mood didn’t go well. The picture was always on my mind while running back to home. I guess, that happens when you see something horrible for the first time.

Disastrous – Daily Prompt

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