What’s Happening??


What’s Happening??

Before anything, welcome August! Be a good one to me, pretty please!

I am going to run for Beachathon on 20th of August and it will be my first participation in public running this year!

Beachathon is a fun running event on different beaches in Brunei that organised by the Beach Bunch. I am highly intrigued by this as it will not be only on one beach this year; for the very first time.

I didn’t actually know about this until a colleague mentioned it. And I decided to join in the next run which will be in Tutong. However, I will not be running just for fun!


I challenge myself to run five kilometres in thirty minutes. Holy moly.

This will be bloody challenging and intense because I only have three weeks to practice starts from today. Plus, I have a non-fixed busy schedule with work but I will try my best to, at least do my training for four to five times a week. Hard work will pay off!

Also, running on the sand is a new situation for me—so consider me as a beginner. In addition, I haven’t been running well for ages and a lot more besides.

Well, you never try you never know. Stop making excuses already girl!

Of course—I’m nervous, curious, worried, excited and the list goes on…

If I manage to accomplish this, I would marry myself.

The next beach will be in the main district; in Muara on November and as expected, more people will run including me!

P/S: Videos of training updates will be uploaded once or twice a week until on the race day itself. My training now is based on lots of research. Stay in touch and if you have any better tips on my training or good advice on food consumption and a healthy diet, drop a comment below. I highly appreciate it! Wish me luck everyone, your support will motivate me! Thank you.

 Watch my recent video regarding this challenge.


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