Back On Track

It’s not too late to say Happy New Year, isn’t!

It’s 2019, and this blog has been inactive for a year. Unfortunately, there were some situations that held me back to keeping this blog alive. Not to mention, as you get older, life is more hectic! Yet, why allow some excuses to stop you doing what you like?

Yes, I am back on track. Before I share with you what has happened recently that have restricted my time, I will make a list of new elements of which this blog will touch upon. Indeed, it will be better than before.

  • Running Challenge, my race and more related videos. ( Of course! )
  • Books – Reading Challenge
  • Essays on certain topics – anything related to my school subjects
  • Brunei’s World
  • Photography
  • Advertisement
  • Guides for Tourists in Brunei
  • Travels
  • Electric Guitar Sessions
  • Sports – new activities

‘Now, what made you stop blogging Nadia?’

A lot of things! These things have brought my life into a serious mode, like an Airplane mode certainly. Where it was all just about security, silence and keep me waiting for my arrival at a new place that offers excitement, adventures and peace. On the positive side, last month I organised an international trip to Kuala Lumpur for my school. Such first experience have left me unforgettable memories and enhanced my interest in that field. Anyway, anything could happen in just a year and hence, I’m looking forward to what this year will bring to me. Wait for my next blog – I’ve got great news! My adventure begins.


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