About Me

Dear lovely readers, you’re about to enter my amazing world.

I’m Nurul Nadia.

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OK–Let’s make everything simple and quick to read about that world.

I’m just doing so many things in this earth that I’m capable of and the stuff that I enjoy which makes me happy, of course; three hours of nap or an hour in a hot bathtub (I wish I had one).

As Libran John Lennon noted,

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.”


I’ve been blogging since I was 16. Now I’m older or ” I just feel old, but not wise ” and still learning everyday. I am also a Bruneian Freelance Photographer since 2014, whose passion is to capture a single moment of beauty in one frame. I sing and dance occasionally, nothing you’d fancy anyway. Just to let you know that I am a real human being. I love running for miles and eating my daily local meal called Nasi with–its either Ayam, Daging or Ikan and vegetables included.

” Well, Miss Nadia, you have an interesting life.. But, what is Runnad? “

Supposedly, Runnad is my personal blog. BUT–my life will get real more interesting this time.

Yes, special announcement will be made in the next few weeks. My blog will be turning into a whole new world! I know, I know, I know.. I am bloody excited too! So just stay on your couch–don’t go anywhere because I’ll be back here soon!

Thank you, have an amazing day!