Temburong Bridge

Temburong Bridge is a planned 30 km bridge in Brunei. It will connect the Mengkubau and Sungai Besar areas of the Brunei-Muara ( main ) District with the Labu Estate area of Temburong District. People will be able to visit Temburong by car without paying $2 BND to ride a ferry as before. Temburong is a well-known place for tourists who have the love for … Continue reading Temburong Bridge

Happy Eid Mubarak!

A portrait of my other nephew taken on last year’s Raya Celebration; wearing a traditional Cara Melayu outfit, brightly coloured in red and posing cheekily with his father behind him. ¬†His name is Aidil, Which is similar to Eid Mubarak when¬†translated in Malay; Aidil Fitri. I’m not certain why my brother named him that but, it really caught my attention when I heard the name … Continue reading Happy Eid Mubarak!

World Environment Day

Ready to save the world? I saw this hashtag #WorldEnvironmentDay on Twitter and I’m honoured to be part of the day. Kudos to these thoughtful and like-minded people. The world needs more people like you! Focus! Smile of the day! Amazing teamwork from the young boys and the gents! Well done everyone! Heroes for our children’s future. We all know nature gives us oxygen to … Continue reading World Environment Day