Waiting For The Night Sky

My contribution for this week’s challenge – Waiting I recalled that day in Dubai, we were roaming around under the scorching hot sun, the sky was crystal clear, the wind had moved on and countless of complaints about the weather was present. The picture here is Nana: without remarking anything, we could all notice she had the same wish to welcome the night anytime soon–waiting for the … Continue reading Waiting For The Night Sky

GREAT NEWS: Runnad Is On Youtube!

Welcome back to my blog or to those who are new here, also welcome to you–take your time, relax and enjoy your read because you’re about to enter your whole new world! I’m finally back and better ( as I’m bringing you the super great news ) from celebrating Eid Mubarak for three days, which I will write a blog regarding that subject later. Let’s … Continue reading GREAT NEWS: Runnad Is On Youtube!