Waiting For The Night Sky

My contribution for this week’s challenge – Waiting I recalled that day in Dubai, we were roaming around under the scorching hot sun, the sky was crystal clear, the wind had moved on and countless of complaints about the weather was present. The picture here is Nana: without remarking anything, we could all notice she had the same wish to welcome the night anytime soon–waiting for the … Continue reading Waiting For The Night Sky

Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus

This week’s photo challenge is called focus. Another excellent choice. Here are some pictures that I took which might be suitable for that. Just another day, having a healthy breakfast while waiting for the sun to rise! ( Dubai ) ” Why do birds, suddenly appear? Every time you walk by.., “ This is the place we stayed in Dubai called Tiara Residences, Palm Jumeirah. The minimum … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus

Weekly Photo Challenge – Order

Here’s my first contribution for the Weekly Photo Challenge, enjoy your view! One of my favourite places to go in Dubai Mall. The moment I saw the colours; it brought a bright smile to my face. It definitely boosted my energy and mood! The views from above and below were both stunning. Do you agree? P/S: Comment down below with a link of your post … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Order