GREAT NEWS: Runnad Is On Youtube!

Welcome back to my blog or to those who are new here, also welcome to you–take your time, relax and enjoy your read because you’re about to enter your whole new world! I’m finally back and better ( as I’m bringing you the super great news ) from celebrating Eid Mubarak for three days, which I will write a blog regarding that subject later. Let’s … Continue reading GREAT NEWS: Runnad Is On Youtube!

Lucky Me

Yes, I am lucky because I don’t only have one good friend–in fact, I have these like-minded people around me who always try to be there for each other and support one another. It’s one of the special gifts in life; such a person who has it all! Pictures taken on the Earth Day 2016 at Berakas Beach, Brunei. We tried to improve and save … Continue reading Lucky Me