Temburong Bridge

Temburong Bridge is a planned 30 km bridge in Brunei. It will connect the Mengkubau and Sungai Besar areas of the Brunei-Muara ( main ) District with the Labu Estate area of Temburong District. People will be able to visit Temburong by car without paying $2 BND to ride a ferry as before. Temburong is a well-known place for tourists who have the love for … Continue reading Temburong Bridge

Happy Eid Mubarak!

A portrait of my other nephew taken on last year’s Raya Celebration; wearing a traditional Cara Melayu outfit, brightly coloured in red and posing cheekily with his father behind him. ¬†His name is Aidil, Which is similar to Eid Mubarak when¬†translated in Malay; Aidil Fitri. I’m not certain why my brother named him that but, it really caught my attention when I heard the name … Continue reading Happy Eid Mubarak!